Affordable home office and
commercial property sanitisation

Administered by 1 Call Claims Solutions (Pty) Ltd Reg; 2013 / 08 7561 / 07

Affordable home office and
commercial property sanitisation

administered by 1 Call Claims Solutions (Pty) Ltd Reg; 2013 / 08 7561 / 07

Affordable home office and
commercial property sanitisation

administered by 1 Call Claims Solutions (Pty) Ltd Reg; 2013 / 08 7561 / 07


One of our customers filmed this short caption, sent it out to her client base and immediately started receiving bookings for her beauty salon.


Preparation for the procedure

Please ensure that all surfaces as far as possible are clear and that there are no obstructions in the path of the sanitisation contractor. We request that the floors are swept and surfaces are visually clean prior to arrival by the contractor – you will receive a timeous reminder call before their arrival.

Although the sanitisation solution is non-toxic and food friendly, it does contain a high alcohol content and as such we recommend that all open foods be covered or put away prior to the sanitisation. Fish tanks, aquariums, terrariums, rodent / hamster habitats and ponds must be covered or moved to an outside area where possible.


The solution is flammable whilst the application is in progress – DO NOT SMOKE during the procedure and please ensures that all naked flames are extinguished, including gas boiler pilot lights, etc.


The teams WILL NOT be touching or spraying any electronic equipment such as music systems, televisions, decoders, routers etc. Clients will be provided with sufficient solution and disposable gloves, in order to wipe their devises manually. As a precautionary measure, please ensure all devises are switched off and unplugged.

TV and PC screens: due to the variance of screen manufacturing, we recommend television sets, computers and other screen enabled devices are wiped with a diluted detergent solution. DO NOT apply the sanitisation solution directly onto screens, as it may react adversely. No liability will be accepted for any electronic devices.

The procedure

The solution is safe to spray on all surfaces including fabric and leather and any residue marks can easily be wiped off after the procedure thus eliminating any risk – allow 10 minutes before wiping off.

Although the sanitisation solution is safe for use on wooden items, older woods (antiques) or items treated with varnish or oils, may display surface residue marks. This can be wiped off with a clean cloth.

Whilst being applied, the solution (in isolated instances) can cause respiratory irritation. It is advisable that clients exit the room whilst the application is in progress. Once dry, it is no longer a potential nasal irritation.

The product application is not a lengthy process – a 2 bedroom apartment can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

A pleasant fragrance will linger for a while after treatment. If this bothers you, you can open windows to air the space out – this will not reduce the sanitisation efficiency.

Windows and mirrors will require wiping by the client in the usual cleaning manner once the sanitisation is completed and the solution dried.

The application dries within a few minutes and the majority of surfaces do not require wiping.

To achieve a long lasting result

Once your building has been sanitised, it is essential to follow the 21 Safety Tips document (which we provide) when leaving and returning to your premises. These procedures will absolutely minimise the risk of future contamination. Depending on the longevity of the virus in SA and your occupant’s adherence to the safety tips, it is recommended that the home sanitisation procedure require repeating every two to three months.

Together, we can eliminate the devastating impact of this pandemic, save lives and get South Africa back in business!