Affordable home office and
commercial property sanitisation

Administered by 1 Call Claims Solutions (Pty) Ltd Reg; 2013 / 08 7561 / 07

Affordable home office and
commercial property sanitisation

administered by 1 Call Claims Solutions (Pty) Ltd Reg; 2013 / 08 7561 / 07

Affordable home office and
commercial property sanitisation

administered by 1 Call Claims Solutions (Pty) Ltd Reg; 2013 / 08 7561 / 07

21 SAFEY TIPS (for venturing out)



Once you have sanitised your home and the vehicle you are utilising, you now have a safe sanctuary and mode of transport.

Please take every precaution not to contaminate your recently cleansed environments.

Follow these guide lines to maximise your safety when venturing out for essential trips:

  1. Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t normally wear inside the house – this way you can remove and wash them as soon as you return home. Take hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes that you may have, so that you can disinfect your hands and the handle of your basket or trolley when you get to the store. Even better, bring your own big reusable shopping bag and put everything you want to buy in that bag, remember to wash your reusable shopping bags on return
  2. Stay more than 1.5m away from everyone and if people get closer to you, don’t hesitate to distance yourself from them or to ask people politely to respect your space. Distancing is one of the most important rules to follow in a lockdown.
  3. Grab the items that you need and try not to touch any items that you aren’t going to buy.
  4. When queuing, maintain the 1.5m rule. If people don’t respect that distance and if they are not from the same family, remind them of proper distancing.
  5. Although it seems very hard, don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth until you have sanitised or thoroughly your hands after leaving the store.
  1. Try paying with a debit or a credit card if you can (coins and notes handed back to you could have been handled by sick people) and wipe down the keypad of the speed point machine if you have to punch in your pin or spray your hands thereafter.
  2. If paying by cash place the change you receive into a separate pocket to wipe or wash when you return home.
  3. When approaching your car, spray sanitiser or use a disinfectant wipe on door and boot handles, spray disinfectant on your hands.
  4. It is advisable to place your shopping in the boot away from the car’s interior.
  5. When you arrive home, remove your shoes before entering, these now become your designated shopping footwear. Disinfect the soles of the shoes (if infected people coughed, droplets of viruses will have been projected in the air and will be on the floor or ground outside. Disinfecting the soles of your outdoors shoes will kill viruses).
  6. Sanitise your keys, purse or wallet, used cards and cell phone, any items that accompanied you to the store. Then immediately wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  7. Remember to sanitise the door handle that you used to come in with as well.
  8. Wipe your kitchen table with disinfectant before placing the items you purchased on it.
  9. Wipe every cardboard, glass and plastic container you bought with disinfectant before placing them on a shelf, or in your fridge or your freezer.
  10. Preferably cook the vegetables you purchased and wash all fruits with soap and water then rinse well before you put them in your fridge.
  11. For items like fruits and vegetables that come on their own, treat them like your hands and put them in soapy water for 20 seconds, this is not always possible with certain foods that can spoil. Package these separately in bags; they will be safe when cooked.
  12. For items in boxes, those are likely to have been handled during distribution. Simply take them out and throw away the outer packages.
  13. For any other items, wipe them down with a household cleaner, alcohol or wipe.
  14. Disinfect door handles, fridge, and freezer handles. Wipe your kitchen table again.
  15. To be extra safe, take a shower, wash your hair with shampoo and make sure you wash your face thoroughly with soap and water.  Rinse well. It is now okay to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  16. Relax and reward yourself for having taken control of your life, your health and your safety.


Don’t leave your house if you are feeling sick or have been feeling under the weather for a few days and if you do feel well enough to go to leave the house and go to the shops, limit your trips and stay inside.

Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions such as respiratory or compromised immune conditions SHOULD NOT RISK VENTURING OUT

Access link for more information regarding high risk individuals:

Please take every caution to stay safe, working together we can minimise the loss of life and start to rebuild our beautiful nation.



The 1 Call team